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BLM co-founder facing criticism over property purchases

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Sky News contributor Joe Hildebrand says “every single” socialist he’s ever met “was rich”.

 It comes after Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has faced criticism and calls for an investigation into her multi-million-dollar real estate purchases, undertaken over the recent years.  

“Show me a poor socialist, that’s a yarn,” Mr Hildebrand told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“Rich socialist, not a story. Every single socialist I’ve ever met was rich”.

9 Weird Dog Behaviors Explained 🐕

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The failure to make the poop facts #2 was a tragic oversight. Also, dogs tend to look at their owners when they're pooping to communicate that they want you to look out for them while they're most vulnerable. That's also why dogs often stand watch by the bathroom while their owners are preoccupied

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